Starting Over

After months . . . I've finally decided to that it's better to just "start" than to become paralyzed with indecision.  Over the past decade + in the craft industry I have had numerous blogs.  When I started My Craft Channel, I slowly let my personal blog go and as I have struggled with the decision whether to update it, I decided to just start over. Uhhhhhggggg.

It is hard to start over . . . but I decided that I have grown over the years and I wanted to have a fresh start.  Hopefully, once I get a feel for how I want this to look I will invest in creating a custom site, but for now I hope you will follow along with my journey.  This blog will be a combination of my personal experiences as I create a new life as well as my passion for creating DIY projects and finding old items and making them beautiful again (wow maybe that is a metaphor for my life lol).

My greatest joy is sharing the love I have for "creating".  It is a beautiful experience that has bro…